Garlic Shrimp with Garlic Bread $12.50
Shrimp & Scallops in Garlic Sauce topped with muenster cheese, bread


Mozzarella Sticks $8.50
Sauteed Polish Kielbasa w/ Onions
Fried Calamari $10.95
Chicken Wings $8.50
Chicken Tenders $8.50
Bacon Cheese French Fries $7.95
French Fries $4.00
Pierogies (6pcs. deep fried, choice of potato & cheese, sauerkraut & mashrooms or meat) $8.95


Potato Pancakes with Apple Sauce

Garlic Bread


Amsterdam Sampler (4pcs. wings, 4pcs chicken tenders, 4pcs mozzarella sticks, 4pcs pierogies)







Chicken Noodle $5.00
Red Borscht with Meat Dumplings $6.50
Tripe $6.95


Spring Salad(romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers) $9.95
Caesar Salad(add chicken - $3.99, add shrimp $5.99) $9.95
Tuna Salad $12.95

Shrimp Bang Bang Salad



Pierogies (10 PCS) Choice of: potatoes & cheese, sauerkraut & mushroom, meat, # deep fried add $2.00, pan fried add $3.00 $11.95
Blueberry Pierogies $13.95
Breaded Chicken Cutlet $13.95
Amsterdam Pork Cutlet (stuffed breaded pork cutlet w/mushroom & cheese) $15.95
Kebab Platter (marinated chicken breast, romaine lettuce, onions, tomatoes, topped with creamy garlic sauce, served with french fries) $13.95
Hungarian Pancake (Potato Pancake stuffed with beef goulash or mushroom sauce topped with sour cream $13.95
Stuffed Cabbage in tomato sauce served with mashed potatoes $13.95
Breaded Pork Loin Cutletserved with mashed potatoes and salad platter $13.95
Breaded Pork Loin Cutlet topped with topped muenster Cheese and Egg served with mashed potatoes and salad platter $15.95
Steak Strips (Sauteed with onion, mushroom and shrimps $18.95
Sea Bass Fillet in garlic sauce $18.95
Broiled Salmon topped with garlic sauce $18.95
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce $16.95
Roasted Pork Tenderloin with onions & baby potatoes served with salad platte $16.95
Grilled chicken breast topped w/cheese & egg


(*Served with French Fries)
Breaded fish fillet (lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce) $9.95
Grilled Polish Kielbasa with sauteed onions & cucumber in brine $8.95
Grilled Chicken (lettuce, tomatoes, creamy garlic sauce) $8.95
Grilled Pork Tenderloinwith (sauteed onions, melted cheese) $8.95

Tuna Salad (lettuce, tomato, mayo)

Panini Kebab (marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato, onions, creamy garlic sauce)

Philly Cheese Steak (Sauteed onion, peppers)

Shrimp Buritto (beans, shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes)

Polish Style Mushroom Stuffed Baquette Extra Toppings:
Ham - $2.00
Chicken - $2.00
Chives - $1.00
Corn - $1.00









(served with french fries)
Hamburger (lettuce, tomato, add bacon $1.50) $7.95
Cheeseburger (lettuce, tomato, onion, american cheese - add bacon $1.50) $8.95
Belly Buster 911 (lettuce, bacon, egg sunny side up, cheese $10.95
Hotel California (Lettuce, sauteed onion, mushroom, tomato, cheese) $10.95
Last Resort  (Lettuce, sauteed onion, bacon, sweet pepper, cheese) $10.95



Tiramisu (whipped cream, chocolate syrup) $4.95
Cheesecake (whipped cream, strawberry syrup) $4.95
Ice Cream (add fruit, topped with whipped cream and chocolate or strawberry syrup) $6.95/$7.95



Salad Platter
Rice $2.00
French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Vegetables $3.00
Extra Cheese
Extra Egg
Garlic Sauce
Sauted Mushroom
Sauted onion